Shake It Off In Multitudes

5 Sep

The other day I got to spend time with someone I’ve missed. Our friendship took a brief detour into romance-land and then had to take a break to get out of it but now we’ve gotten back home into comfortable I-want-to-talk-about-everything-and-nothing-with-you-and-get-drunk friendship land. Thank goodness. I’ve missed him.

So we got drinks and talked about everything and nothing. And he mentioned that he’d been reading the blog. He said he likes it when I disagree with something I’ve written previously. It feels like he’s watching me grow.

I’m glad that’s what it feels like for him because for me it can get really confusing. It’s like holding two conflicting arguments in your head at the same time and agreeing with both of them.

Like for example Taylor Swift’s latest catchy tune.

I’ve read the argument that Swift’s use of and shock at twerking black butts is offensive.

And also the equally compelling argument that her inclusion of twerking as a dance as easy to suck at as ballet actually makes it inclusive.

I’d rather the twerking dancers be clearly having as much fun as the other dance troupes. I’ve seen videos of women doing it freestyle and its really something to behold.

We contain multitudes, all of us.

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