Feminism Of The Week – Playboy Flowchart

29 Aug

In a surprise turn of events the best feminist thing on the internet this week comes hot off the presses of playboy.com.

Do you know her, and have you both consensually agreed to shout sexually suggestive comments to each other in public?


I just want to imagine that sentence entering the minds of a few people

The adolescent boy: Consent being openly discussed in playboy? I guess all that ‘consent is sexy’ stuff is onto something.

The college dude: I guess the last girl I hollered at didn’t technically agree to be hollered at. And I didn’t know her know her. I’ve just seen her around. And that skirt… but still, *self doubt*.

The disappointed kinky older fellow: We can agree to shout sexually suggestive comments to each other in public? We can agree to say crazy stuff in various settings?

This image is getting a lot of circulation on social media and it’s subtle enough that it’s message infiltrates even the minds of the people who might have been pushing it aside for a while, gives the anti-street harassment message a place to germinate. It’s subversive in that way. Because it’s funny and provocative.

Because it’s exactly what I want horny boys who read playboy to be seeing. So not only does this flowchart win my Feminism Of The Week award, but Playboy does too, for using it’s position in the world of extra-curricular sex education for good.


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