There’s A Really Interesting Design Choice In The Bathroom

22 Aug

There’s this game I like to play at restaurants. It’s really great as an ice breaker if you’re with a large group. It can work in bars too but ideally you don’t want the players too drunk or the place too loud.

The game can only take place under very specific conditions. Those conditions being:

There’s a really interesting design choice in the bathroom.

Which is what I’ll name the game.

Basically how it works is

1) Your entire party must go to the bathroom.

2) One at a time.

3) Over an unassuming period of time.

4) When you return from your trip to the bathroom, you need to describe the experience/choice/quality in one (1) word.

You aren’t allowed to say anything more than your one allotted word about the thing until everyone has had a turn.

Also, for bonus points you’re allowed to tell your waiter about the game and get their one word, but they can only use one word. And don’t make them feel weird about it guys, be classy.

For example, this would be a great bathroom for this game.

Once everyone has had a turn you could choose who had the best word and declare a winner. Or not. Whatever.



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