Dear My White Privilege

20 Aug

Part of being a feminist is confronting my own privilege where it exists.

For every male privilege checklist I get behind, I have to acknowledge lists about my own privilege.

1) #YesAllBlackPeople contend with whites dictating to us how we should talk about racism, instead of taking our lead in the conversation. (Yes, that includes Tim Wise.)
2) #YesAllBlackPeople encounter multiple anti-black indignities on a regular basis, regardless of how rich, educated, or powerful we are.
3) #YesAllBlackPeople are tired of having our lived experiences with racism undermined by white feelings, despite our decades of informed protest.

And acknowledging when conversations about race, which are not my responsibility to lead, but to take part in nonetheless, make me uncomfortable, and to live in that.

Like Crosby in that really great Parenthood episode, I have to recognize and defer to people who know the short end of the racism stick better than I do and listen to them.

Also, that movie looks hilarious and amazing.

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