Shantell Martin Drawing On Everything

25 Jul

I’m obsessed with this series of images from Shantell Martin’s exhibit at MoCADA.

I love the idea of being drawn on.

I don’t have any tattoo’s and I don’t have a real desire for one. I’m more attracted to the idea of my body being a slate that can be marked and wiped clean like an etch a sketch.

I love the way bodies can be scraped and scab and heal and scar, it’s like watching a microcosm of evolution on your own knee. And it always reminds me that I’m just as alive as the plants that grow and die and grow again.

Markers will mark, be wiped off, leave a tint, be wiped again, and eventually (sadly) be gone without a trace. But that just means that you can draw a new story on your skin. A new story for the new day.

It also makes me think of how makeup and selfies and fashion allow us to decide for ourselves how we want the world to see us. What we want to be today, what we want our bodies to say today.

Allowing someone else to draw on you is a bond, “I allow you to write my story today.” I trust you.

And both the art and the trust are so beautiful.

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