Kacy Catanzaro

21 Jul

I never watch this show but a friend sent me this clip last week, “Have you seen this girl yet?!”

Apparently she’s the first woman ever to complete this course, and I believe it.

There are a few things that stick out to me about the video.

First, they keep referring to her size as a hinderance that she has to overcome, her short wingspan, her low weight. While physics would be on the side of the commentators, I think she’d probably argue that for every “disadvantage” in her body, there is something she can do that makes up for it. Where she’s too short to reach the next pole, her weight makes it possible to fly through the air and leap to it.

Second, “This girl is going to need a bodyguard” I have a feeling she can take care of her self. I have a feeling she can do anything.

Third, at 4:35 the commentators shout “She’s not human!”

She’s better than just human. She’s an ass-kicking woman.

Congratulations Kacy. Job well done. Thanks for being an inspiration in what women can do.

Just because no woman has done it before doesn’t mean that no woman can.

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