Waterhouse Self-ing

14 Jul

In the continuing theme of women or images that make me feel good about myself: An actor in my last show walked in on me reading in a corner and said I looked like a Klimt model.I took it as a lovely compliment although his works don’t really speak to me. But in my quest to figure out what artist would have spoken to me, I stumbled upon John William Waterhouse.I’ve been mesmerized by the women of John William Waterhouse for years. They always look defiant from behind their beautiful flowers and clothes and hair, the trappings of a good life. Like some unsettled, middle class character Kristen Stewart would play. He paints powerful sirens.And a sorceress.But even when his subject is begging, she is never a beggar.And what’s even better, Waterhouse doesn’t just make strong women, he makes interesting women, complex women who are not always concerned with being seen, beautiful, or even dressed. Waterhouse’s women make me feel beautiful just for existing. Beautiful and real and vibrant and alive, just for shielding myself from the windor resting my head.  Just for being a woman and alive.

One Response to “Waterhouse Self-ing”

  1. Kati July 14, 2014 at 11:24 am #

    I love Waterhouse’s paintings too.

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