True, #NotAllMen But #YesAllWomen

30 May

One of the sweaty gladiator lookalikes at work was surfing the web on his phone the other day (I love my job) and told me he was reading about the #YesAllWomen campaign. We started talking about it and he seemed to know what he was talking about. He told me about the blowback from the MRA #NotAllMen.

The tone in his voice told me for the first time that I should be concerned, where he’s concerned, and I told him “That’s the thing. Not all men are harassers but all women have been harassed by men.”

Which is when he told me my new favorite Schrodingers-rapist-ism “You have a bowl of M&M’s and only 10% of them are poisonous. Go ahead, take a handful.”

Winning my affection every day that one is.

And if #YesAllWomen isn’t enough for you, today I found When Women Refuse, a tumblr of stories about attacks made on women who left or rejected men. You can even add your own here because I’m sure you have a story of your own or your friends.

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