Turn The Tables And See Where It Gets You

19 Mar

This is the absolute best new thing in the world, and not for the reason you think.

Apparently, as NPR reported, Proctor & Gamble is facing falling men’s razor sales as beards have become more fashionable.

So what is a corporation to do in order to get profits back up? Why of course, use body shaming to encourage their users to shave the rest of their bodies.

This is the sexual objectification of male bodies. The use of threats like “you’ll be disgusting to women if you don’t do what we say” is a form of social control. One point for capitalism over its long-enduring opponent in the male hygiene and grooming market: gender ideology. [x]

What I love so much about it is that when you see those threats being so obviously pointed at men, maybe they’ll help you notice matching ones being pointed at women all the time.


One Response to “Turn The Tables And See Where It Gets You”


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