Kayden Kross is pregnant!

12 Mar

You guys! Let’s all wish Kayden Kross well on her new baby girl! Kayden Kross is a porn star and apparently a quite famous one at that. And my respect for her has grown even greater since reading her interview over at XOJane.

How do you deal with the haters, and the judgment of people who feel like porn stars shouldn’t have kids? To be honest, there are some cases where porn stars shouldn’t have kids. There are some cases where doctors shouldn’t have kids. It’s a matter of the person. Some people shouldn’t have kids. You have to have the resources. And I don’t mean you shouldn’t have kids if you don’t have money. I mean, if you don’t have the actual emotional resources, the things that you need to give a child so that he or she can grow up in an environment where he or she feels loved and respected—if you can’t provide that, don’t bring a fricking kid into the world! And I think there’s just a perception of what a porn star is. And we do push that perception, ‘cause that’s what we’re selling. But you think of a porn star as someone who is impulsive and just kind of does whatever at any cost and for any amount of attention, but you have to remember they’re doing this for a camera; they’re being paid to portray this character. But that tends to not translate to someone who might be very nurturing and stable for a young person. So I can see why the perception’s there, it’s just like… you can’t look at an actor and say, “Oh that person’s a bad person, didn’t you see this movie?”

It seems like some people might have a hard time with the whole porn-star-becomes-mom thing. Yeah, they kind of don’t mesh well. I remember when I first met porn stars, I was like, “You have kids? How do you do that?” But being around it, I got used to it. I mean, I was shocked when people started having kids just in general. People I went to high school with. You hear about it and you’re like, “Are you old enough for that? Is that OK?” Obviously there are gong to be things. Like, I’m not going to want her to dig through certain boxes in the garage. But on the other hand, there are so many worse things that I’m going to have to steer her through in life. I don’t know if you saw [our pet] bunny sitting in the window? This bunny is awesome. She’s six years old. Best-case scenario, she’ll live to be nine years old. So I’m gonna have this baby, she’s gonna be attached to this bunny, and right when she’s most attached, this rabbit’s going to keel over on her. I’m gonna have to explain death to a three-year-old.

Kayden Kross is one of the first Adult names I can remember remembering and it’s because of this (very, very NSFW #ThisIsPorn) video which I’m pretty sure I’ve linked to here before and which heavily influenced my bedroom predilections. When I talk about chatting and giggling in bed this is what I mean, when I talk about smiling and being silly and getting distracted by other things during a blowjob this is where I get it from. I sent this video to The Yankee and he agreed.

Kayden Kross gave my teenage self a lesson in not just blowjobs but self-acceptance and fun. She taught me how to express myself through loving things and that lesson has mapped itself across all aspects of my life for which I’m very grateful. I can actually trace part of my love of knitting back to that porn clip. I think she’ll make a great mom and I wish her all the best.

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