And Everything Is Slightly Different From The Knowing

14 Feb

A friend of mine posted this the other day and I loved it.

I love watching guys put on condoms

Because every guy does it differently

I love having that little moment to watch and learn some little thing that he doesn’t know he’s showing me.

Does he turn his back?

Does he stand or sit?

Does he come to the bed and then put it on,

Or put it on wherever he got it and then walk over to the bed?

Does he smile and keep engaging with me, or is he absorbed in the task?

And he comes back to me and we kiss and everything is slightly different from the knowing. [x]

A lot of my friends hate dealing with condoms but to me there’s this quality of intimacy to it. It’s like the first moment you get to see what kind of underwear your partner likes to wear and they’re tiny plaid because they’re just for him, he’s not showing them off or anything.

I didn’t realize before that you like to treat yourself to the soft kind. I didn’t know you love to cook yourself really nice meals even though you have no money. I didn’t know you like candles. I didn’t know you were going to look so cute while doing that thing you love and enjoy.

I feel the same way about watching a guy shave. There’s something so intimate in watching him stare into the mirror and slowly drag a razor past his adams apple.

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