Let’s Blow This Popsicle Stand

12 Feb

Let me tell you a story that makes me really proud.

The other day I was at a restaurant. I didn’t want to go to that restaurant but someone I work with wanted to go there and I wanted to make life easy.

I got to the restaurant and it was a lot more expensive than I expected and there wasn’t any food I wanted but I figured I’d be easy and pick an appetizer or something.

On TV was Fox News telling me all sorts of bat-shit idiocy about Wendy Davis and I said (I guess louder than I had realized) “Do you think they can turn that down? Ugh, Fox News.” The waitress changed the channel (to another Fox station) and came back to the table “Gosh, it’s just a TV station. We’ve never had a problem with Fox News before” while giving me a dirty look. I must have offended her. I’ll be quieter. I don’t want to make this meal more difficult than it has to be.

And then one of my co-workers made a tiny comment that wasn’t even important but was just the last straw.

And so I left. I had one hour off that day and I was spending it in a place I didn’t want to be in for reasons that were not my own. And so I walked out. Instead of caring about everybody else I chose to care about me. And I’m so glad I did.

Espeically preventative self-care. If you can take care of your situation before it becomes a problem, do so.

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