Princesses, Imperfections and Poop

24 Jan

My wonderful and incredibly talented friend just released the indiegogo page for her film project “Princess Business.”

You should all go check it out. It’s full of intelligent humor, Slings-And-Arrows-esque truths about “the biz.” and women admitting that they take dumps.

You should start with Episode 1 but I must admit that for deeply personal reasons Episode 6 is my absolute favorite and had me rolling around on my bedroom floor giggling and dropping bobby pins all over the place. Yeah, seriously.

First I have to tell you to go donate to the indiegogo page HERE because it’s the best investment in art that you’ll make any time soon.

And then I have to talk about the importance of women admitting that they poop in media.

In high school I had a best friend who was fond of saying “women don’t poop” in the same way that a sane person would say “humans are mammals.” You know, fact.

I never quite understood why she insisted that she didn’t poop (which would be disastrous. of course, anatomically speaking) but could clearly burp in front of her boyfriend which negated the “I want to keep the mystery alive” argument.

In the same way that I was told that if I couldn’t talk about birth control then I wasn’t mature enough to be having sex; if you can’t understand and honor the body of the person you’re sleeping with then you shouldn’t be sleeping with them.

Women poop, if you are too immature to handle that fact then you are too immature for women.

All living things excrete waste. If you’re not cool with the women you date pooping then would you prefer to date non-living things?


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