The Best Track Not On Beyonce’s New Album

15 Jan

Listen up peasants, the queen has something to say.

A few weeks ago a friend was telling me that before she got married her and her then fiance were going at it like bunnies and then after they got hitched it took a swan dive. She brought it up and apparently there was some mental block about the word “wife.” Dan Savage talks about this too.

We have a lot of concepts in our culture of what it means to be a wife and mother. A whore/madonna discourse that leaves a lot of women with unmet needs.

Thank you Beyonce for remembering that adding Wife or Mother to your list of descriptors doesn’t detract from any of the other things that you are. A woman, an artist, sexual.

And thanks for reminding us all too.

P.S. I love hearing that Partition is mostly just fantasy. That she isn’t bragging about how perfect her sex life is but instead it’s an expression of the fact that her life has a lot of different responsibilities but when she sees her husband, this is what plays through her head because even after a baby she is still INTO him.

All hail.

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