I’m The Casanova

13 Jan

The more I date and talk with and befriend men the more I laugh at the stereotype that all men just want sex.

I. Making a generalization about an entire group of people based on their Gender. Always gross.

II. In many of my exchanges with men, it is the other way around and they’re seeking a more romantic connection than I am. Guys I’m friends with, guys who flirt with me in bars, in general guys I talk to, if you listen hard enough, want a girl they can come home to.

III. It would appear the research agrees with me.

IV. I’ve been touched so gently by men who I could toss to the floor. I wouldn’t of course (unless they asked) because cruelty for the sake of cruelty isn’t cool. But living life looking out through the window of my own self I always thought that if I got to make the social constructs based on my own feelings then the roles would be reversed. That women would be these flighty sex crazed maniacs and men would be the ones trying to get us to pin us down, like butterflies who would rather be in the sun flitting about.

Then again my parents had a very particular relationship.

Here’s the question I spend a lot of time thinking about:

What do men gain by propagating the myth that all they want is sex when really the odds aren’t incredibly high?

In any given year, as many as twenty percent of young men – about one guy in five – might be living a player lifestyle. But only about five percent, or one guy in twenty, does this for three straight years. [x]

Or maybe I shouldn’t be projecting my experience onto women in general and it’s just that on the inside those odds would be true of all people regardless of gender if we let ourselves do what we wanted to do.

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