Are You Celebrating Yourself?

10 Jan

I’ve never really been into selfies. I’ve always been lazy about photos in general. I don’t take pictures of my friends or my food. I’m just now starting to get used to taking pictures of my things I make, or my friends kids, who actually change a lot between each time I see them, and who I like to show off as though they were my own.

So I definitely don’t have time or patience to be taking grainy, hook-nosed pictures of myself.

However- I do dig them (you know, in appropriate places. I generally don’t like them when you’re walking in front of me and then suddenly stop to take one. I very much dislike those. But in general)

I don’t get why there is so much hate for them.

Oh, actually, yes I do. Patriarchy.

I love the awesome feminist view that selfies make a radical political statement by increasing the visibility of women of color, disabled people, and other people often left out by the media. For people of all shapes, sizes, colors, gender expressions to see reflections of themselves in a beautiful and loving, rather than disheartening light.

Or how about the fact that before the #selfie, a Selfie was just called a self-portrait, something which was pretty exclusively the right of artists, and most of the famous ones we’re used to seeing are male and white (pop “self portrait” into Google Image. There are a few ladies but an overwhelming number of dead white guys). The exception of course being our dearly beloved Frida. Rock the selfie Frida.

Use Green’s tips to improve your self esteem via selfie.

Just think of it this way – you’ll be making yourself more like Frida, you know, minus the depression.

Self-love and self-care are pretty good for that.


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