Fully Aware

1 Jan

This morning my roommate and I were talking about self-esteem and I said sometimes it’s hard for me to imagine truly hating yourself or your body the way some people I know do on a daily basis.

The truth is that isn’t exactly true. I love myself and my body more than just about any woman I know and yet I still have days where I loathe it as much as they do.

But she gave me a great compliment.

She thanked me for being able to recognize that even though my self-esteem might be great other people’s aren’t and that needs to be addressed.

She said that a lot of people with high self-esteem don’t like to talk about the lows. But it’s important for everyone, regardless of where they fall on that spectrum to be able to feel like an important part of the conversation.

May you be fully aware of your beauty inside and out this year and may you stick it to everyone who isn’t.


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