My Boo-Thang

6 Dec

I was just reading this article about not entertaining people you don’t see a future with after you hit 25 and it got me thinking about this candle.

Last week I bought a guy a candle. I liked this guy, he liked candles, so I bought him a candle. Please note it also smells like my favorite smell in the whole world, so it’s kind of a gift to myself in a way.

And I felt kinda weird about it but I wanted to do it and so I did it.

The guy I bought it for is what is apparently called a “boo thang,” which I’m deciding to describe as such:

Sort of “boyfriend-lite,” someone I can text with but don’t have to call each night. Someone I can enjoy having meals and sleepovers with but don’t feel pressured to close my OKCupid account for. Someone I can have a sort of mini-relationship with. Someone I want to be dating even though I doubt he’ll ever make it to proper boyfriend status.

And we’re perfectly matched for that.

And who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind and want to buy him and only him lots and lots of candles one day.

But for now I’m under 25 and entertaining people I don’t see a real future with sounds fine by me.

Besides, no one is making me choose just yet.

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