Circumcision And Spontaneous Sex Ed

2 Dec

A friend came out to me the other day about the fact that she skipped out on high school sex ed and therefore don’t know how reproductive systems work. First we had to talk about where her uterus is and how it works.

And then she mentioned she didn’t understand circumcision. Like she didn’t understand how foreskin works.

I haven’t had a lot of interaction with foreskin. Or at least if I have, I didn’t know it at the time. I don’t see a lot of flaccid penis and many uncut penises don’t look obviously so when hard. This confused my friend a lot so I found a great and adorably weird (make sure to stay tuned for chapter 2!) video to explain it.

The other day I was hanging out with an uncut friend of mine and telling him this story when he started talking about the negative connotations of being uncut. How it’s actually really easy to keep clean if you know you’re supposed to and how there isn’t the same kind of “dirty” shaming around clitoral hoods which serve the same purpose and work in much the same way for women.

Bodies are so cool.

Additional thoughts on circumcision from Laci Green.

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