The Most Surprising Tongue In Cheek Of The Day

25 Nov


I’m not even sure what to say about ALL that. Here are all the thoughts I had during the 4 minutes and 23 seconds.

  • Calling out fat-shaming, even of women who have just given birth.
  • Choosing going back to the office over housework.
  • Pulling a bit of slut-shaming.
  • Calling out slut shaming.
  • Completely over the top twerking that seems to be trying to call out twerking. A sort of pop music GPOY.
  • “Have you thought about your butt, who’s gonna tear it in two?” – Hello to you too porn industry and general misogynistic language, nice to see you made it to the party.
  • Holy shit that is a lot of butt.
  • Baggy pussy” I just laughed out loud to my empty room and had to rewind to catch the lyrics I missed.
  • “inequality promises that its here to stay. Always trust the injustice cause it’s not going away.” I love fun political art that makes me dance! It’s my favorite!!!

All in all it’s damn well stuck in my head though.

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