Relax And Enjoy The Ride

28 Oct

A friend of mine just got fired from her job. I didn’t really see it coming but then again I hadn’t really talked to her in a few weeks, and I didn’t know what kind of struggles she was having there.

When we did talk about it she said this:

“I didn’t want to be there. I kept making the same mistakes over and over. I knew I was making them but I couldn’t stop.”

Clearly this was upsetting to her and I understood why. We’re young and take a lot of pride in not only being good at what we do but also always improving. Always trying to do better today than yesterday.

The one place where I can’t seem to do that is my love life though. I seem to make the same mistakes over and over again. And I can’t really figure out why.

Maybe that’s the goal of life, to figure out why we make the “mistakes” we make, what they say about us and whether they’re things we want to change at all or whether they’re non-mistakes and we just need to find other people who see them that way.

Last week I walked into my shrinks office and she said “Do you want to talk about boys today?” and I almost fell over. After weeks of crying on her couch about my dad, hell yes I wanted to talk about boys!

And she said something that I’m going to carry around for a while. She said that I was studying when most people were learning how to date. That I was just behind and needed practice. That I need to relax and enjoy the ride and that I’ll learn along the way.

She is worth every penny.

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