Oh Joy, Sex Toy!

25 Oct

I’m gonna review a review! Or a reviewer! Something like that.

Let’s all get acquainted with

I heard about Oh Joy from XoJane, where I hear about almost everything cool lately. I’m severely unhip, you see.

And so is Oh Joy! In the best possible way.

Oh Joy manages to pack into one page all the information it seems you’ll need about whatever Erika Moen wants to talk about that day. Whether that is her Hitachi Magic Wand, A Fleshlightthe birth control implant, or a strap on harness.

And I only mention those specific ones because they’re the first few I’ve read.

There are a few really cool things I like about Oh Joy.

First the variety of things Erika talks about. Wanna talk about reusable menstrual cups, sure, couples sex toys, no problem, rope bondage, lets give it a go. There is something for everyone. And that’s just how sexual expression in media should be.

Second, it’s not always her voice. There are things that she can’t review with her vagina alone and she has a husband and neighbors and friends for that. Erika Moen seems to live in a sex positive bubble where she’s ‘out’ about her blog to everyone and when she’s sick she can call up a friend to cover for her and put something about themselves on the internet for her. And I’m really jealous of this.

Third, the masturbateers. Erika, instead of drawing herself getting down, (right, did I mention this is a comic so everything reviewed is reviewed visually?) draws this beautifully varied cast of characters. I love a lot of things about this. One, the bodies come in all shapes and sizes just like real bodies do. Two, I like imagining that she imagines herself in a variety of bodies when she’s reviewing things, like she’s Mystique from X-Men and just shifts through. Sometimes I kinda do that and I like to imagine other people do too.

Basically I’m really excited to read the rest of OhJoySexToy. And to one day meet Erika Moen and live in the magical sex positivity bubble with her. Just think of the fun we’ll have!


One Response to “Oh Joy, Sex Toy!”

  1. Mike October 26, 2013 at 1:51 pm #

    You should try out her old autobio comic, Dar!: http://www.darcomic.com/
    Even if you just read the last one, you’ll see how amazing it is.

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