Giving In To The Ladyness Of It All

4 Oct

Today I spoke to my best friend for the first time in about a very long week and against my better judgement I spent the whole hour covering the boy I’m trying to sleep with, the foundation I just bought, and how badly I needed to clean my kitchen instead of telling her about how I kicked butt and fixed a problem at work yesterday and am making all the moneys.

And then I felt guilty and immediately filled her in on those things too because I felt like a sorry excuse for a feminist.

I was reading this article this morning about the merits of some beauty rituals and it made me remember yet again that just because something is considered feminine doesn’t mean it’s bad for feminists. It’s a lesson I have to learn again and again and that I don’t think I’ll ever get to stop reminding myself of.

Today I finally had the morning off and I spent it painting my nails, cleaning my kitchen and catching up on Grey’s Anatomy.

And after a week and a half of 12-14-hour-days crawling through dusty spaces while wearing a headlamp, covered in electrical tape residue it felt amazing to give in to the smell of acetone and the sound of McDreamy.

On a related note: Glitter nail polish. Seriously, how great is it?

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