Andrea Gibson inspired by Andrea Gibson

11 Sep

I can’t pick just one.

One day when when I fall in love it will sound like the breaths you take between words.

Thank you for your lists of fears which remind me of my living home, where my heart is all the time.

And sounds like her whimpers in my ear when I come home to find her on the floor, her phone across the room in three pieces,

Which sound like my anger at her when I don’t hear her voice in 4 days and my fear that she has forgotten me.

I always said that when I fall in love the world will know because I’ll call her freaking out but maybe instead I know I love so much now because I’m not scared of you anymore.

Or maybe I’m not afraid of love because I’m not afraid of you anymore.

Maybe you’re making me a better person.

Maybe I need an album of you so I can remember how wrapped up in our own worlds we all are every day.

And that just because we are our own suns doesn’t mean that the planets we pull into our orbits are any less important to us. After all, what is a center of a universe without a universe?

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