Blurred Lines

4 Sep

Most of my friends have no idea what I’m talking about when I say “Blurred Lines.” And that’s fair. They play it at work a lot and until I saw the internet’s reaction to it I only knew one line “I’m the hottest bitch in this place,” which I recently learned isn’t even the correct line.

As I thought that was the correct line I enjoyed the song a lot (which in my opinion went “Na na na na na na na na I’M THE HOTTEST BITCH IN THIS PLACE  *repeat ad nauseum*).

While the mainstream reaction to Blurred Lines was to play it every freaking minute on every top 40 radio station, the internet collectively reacted by making lots and lots of parodies.

The original we can all agree isn’t really particularly forward thinking. Fully dressed men checking out models with no clothes on, so original I can barely stand it.

But the parodies are priceless.

Feministing has an interesting critique of this one. I think my biggest problem with this song is that I’ve seen men look at me with these thoughts running through their heads and I don’t appreciate it. I don’t want anyone thinking of me “I know you want it, I know you want it, I know you want it.” Rapey/Creepy! “You’re an animal, it’s in your nature, I wanna liberate you,” I think not. I think very much not. Genderswapping that might be sort of interesting but it doesn’t do as well at showing how wrong the aggressor is in their assumption of your interest as the next one.

This is just delightful and gave me lots of giggles.

“There’s more to life than penetration and sexual discrimination.”

And then there’s the best thing in the world which I just found today. I think I need it playing all the time everywhere I go. It might be my new theme song.

Ask First from Brendan Anckaert on Vimeo.

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