Rape Escape With Gary and his Cute Girlfriend

12 Aug

Today, a different kind of educational video (TW: Rape, Violence).

You should have seen me last night in bed practicing shrimping for five minutes. I felt like a fool. It really does take muscle memory though so try it a few times with a friend.

FYI I clicked around and watched a few other videos and noticed a few themes emerging.

1) When you practice you have to really role play. Your practice partner has to really get uncomfortably close and locked onto you for you to have enough to strain against. And you’re supposed to practice the real things you would say.

2) This was more upsetting than I thought it would be. Especially how the instructors say things like “You have to get really close because this is how it will happen. This is what he’ll really do.”

3) The guys who make these videos are adorably bumbly and make me wish we had better language for the things they’re talking about.

Real talk: Does it ever feel like a horrible but eventual guarantee that you’ll be in this position at some point in this life? Or is that just me?

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