When to Run

5 Jul

I was just reading an article about protesting. About when to run and when not to run. The ‘Not to run’ section was logical. Consider that you’re leaving people behind, giving up power and potentially causing a panic. Trampling is a real danger.

The ‘when to run’ section was harder for me.

When to run

  1. If it’s a tactical retreat, made consciously and free of panic. Develop a strategy ahead of time to fall back on. Otherwise, you’re letting the police set the terms.
  2. If you’re past your comfort level. This will obviously be true for most people fleeing police, but remember that your comfort level isn’t necessarily a static thing – if you want to, change it.
  3. If your energy is gone. Understand your limits, and leave with the peace of mind of knowing you have reached yours for the day, and have accomplished what you can. [x]

In the last few years I’ve put more energy into figuring out and listening to when I reach my limits. Starting to have and enjoy sex has been very helpful in this exploration. I had to start listening to my body and both hearing and expressing when I was past my comfort level or when my energy was gone.

It’s hard to convince me that my mere comfort or energy level is enough of a reason to stop something that has benefits for someone else. It takes time and practice and I’m not fully there yet.

But at least now I know that knowing how and when to tap out is a skill, not a weakness. One that is worth practicing and exploring and messing up and trying again.

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