3 Jul

Very often I’m in the position of trying to explain to drunk people in bars why they should read my blog, or why I’m super cool. And the easiest way to get at why my blog is different is the presence of porn on it.

Plus, a lady bringing up the word porn in a bar always incites interesting conversation. It’s a great way to take the temperature of the room. You never know exactly what reaction you’re going to get, especially from women.

The men are easy. They either get a wide-eyed excitement because the women they know either don’t watch or don’t mention that they watch porn. Or they laugh.

The women (as with most anything) are more interesting. A lot of them look like I’m giving them the opening to come out of the closet. Their eyes go wide and they shout “YES” or “I know!” and we get to talk about how there is some awful stuff but then some great stuff out there on the world wide web.

But just as often they either never cared to look or they’ve looked and only seen scary, aggressive porn that turned them off. For women who historically don’t like porn, don’t like the porn they’ve seen, or haven’t heard of James Deen I like to send them this link.


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