Do What You Gotta Do

19 Jun

The other day the Yankee and were at a craft fair and he was looking over my shoulder at what I was holding when I spun around and told him he was makings me claustrophobic. He calmly smiled and moved away and I said “If any man treated me the way I treat you he would never see me again, and probably not his balls either.”

He laughed at me. He thought I was joking. I was not joking. There are things I say and do to the guys I date which would be immediate disqualifiers if the tables were turned.

But the truth is the guys I date don’t seem to mind (in fact they’re usually the qualities that most endear me to them) and I have no intention of changing them. So, that’s good.

One Response to “Do What You Gotta Do”

  1. The Yankee June 19, 2013 at 7:20 pm #

    I wasn’t laughing because I didn’t believe you, I was laughing because feminist militancy makes me happy! 😉 If you actually believe that patriarchy is real, then pretenses of equality are just another distraction used to oppress people. I am happy to live a life of privilege and I’m also happy to be surrounded by people who work to dismantle the structural underpinnings of it.

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