T-swift Isn’t Immature, She’s A Freaking Writer

5 Jun

I got in a fight the other day with someone over Taylor Swift writing about her personal relationships.

Yes she writes almost exclusively about the guys she is/was dating and the things they’ve made her realize about herself. You know who else does that? ME. And every other writer I know. I could write about my work (and sometimes I do) but for the most part I’m good at it so it isn’t all that interesting.

That doesn’t make her immature, it makes her a writer. And don’t give me any of that “she names her boyfriends in the songs” shit because she really doesn’t. She did that one time in the mistakenly titled (though I can imagine how as a writer she was attracted to the reference and thought maybe the wit of it would overshadow the fact that a woman was kissing and telling) Dear John. And let’s be serious, we all make mistakes. Last week I almost bought a skort.

(Skip to minute 2:00)

But usually she doesn’t name names. In fact it’s ironic that everyone holds up that song and accuses her of naming names when for the most part she prides herself on not doing that.

There are a lot of things about the property known as Taylor Swift and her relationship to the person Taylor Swift that are worth writing about, but to me this one has a relatively simple answer.

You own every experience you’ve ever had. And just because you’re young, or female or gay or a pop star doesn’t make them any less valid. And that same quality that makes old white men try to shut you up is the same quality that makes people half a world away need your story. So keep writing about your life and never think that your experiences are worth less just because someone with their own agenda told you they are.

One Response to “T-swift Isn’t Immature, She’s A Freaking Writer”

  1. StayClassy June 5, 2013 at 2:04 pm #

    I was with you until you said brought “old white men” into this. I know this blog is Feminist-themed, but in all likelihood the person you “got in a fight” with over Taylor Swift was not an old white man. I’m struggling to find the connecting nexus.

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