I’ll Burn You, Barkeep

31 May

I have a friend who has always been amazed at my ability to think I’m the hottest shit in town, or if I don’t think I am, then at least to say it out loud in a room full of strangers anyway. I challenged her a little while ago to start practicing.

I was catching up on Game of Thrones yesterday and watched Season 3, Episode 8. Towards the end of the episode we have a great moment where Daenerys gets a visit from a potential assassin while she is in her bathtub.

In the end of the scene she rises from the water and talks with him, not just ignoring her nudity but holding it up for him as though to taunt him with this hollow vestige of vulnerability. She may physically be naked but she is the hottest and most powerful shit in town merely because she knows it.

Next time you walk into a crowded bar just pretend you’re the Mother of Dragons.

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