I Taught Knitting On The Train Again

24 May

It’s after midnight and I just got home from work and I should go to sleep but I have to tell you what happened on the Subway tonight.

Backing up:

This weekend my cousin had a baby (congratulations!) so yesterday I bought some yarn and today I started making a baby sweater. I got on the train and a guy sat next to me. He was a young looking, tall black guy with what looked like a glossy fashion magazine. Since I can now knit without looking I started snooping and he totally called me out on it.



“It’s a fashion magazine. Are you in fashion too?”

“Not a chance. I can’t even get dressed in the morning. My cousin just had a baby so this is a sweater for her.”

“Do you, like, make luxury baby clothes? I actually tried to learn to knit from someone on a train before ha.”

“I can teach you. I’m a good teacher”

And then I taught him how to knit. We laughed and talked. He told me about his internship at a magazine and the party he had been at. I told him about weird knitting tricks he didn’t need to learn. It was great and he was a great student.

After a few stops the guy who had been sitting across from us got up and showed us a note he had written on his phone “You don’t know how many lives you’ve touched just from a simple exchange of artistry. Thank you.”

We chuckled and said thank you. Yes, it was a little awkward but I think both of us were just enjoying the impromptu lesson so much we didn’t care.

And if that little moment of kindness, our moment of kinship brightened the day of someone else on that train then yay. I’m glad.

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