James Deen: Part… A Lot

20 May

Yesterday I got another comment on my post about James Deen and I just had to share it.

Heres the kind of stuff your “Feminist” hero James Deen is into: http://www.redtube.com/312795

He makes the Steubenville football team look like Gloria Steinem. Anyone who would be “glad” her daughter was into that is human scum, and probably a child abuser. So congrats, youve turned Feminism into a sham!

For anyone above 50, new to the internet, or just vanilla DO NOT go haphazardly clicking on that link. That is some hardcore porn of the hardcore-iest variety.

More specifically it’s a link to a gangbang (1 gal, many guys) starring a woman called Princess Donna and featuring James Deen.

Now, among the many things this commenter (lets call him Marty) is missing is that Princess Donna directs porn. This of course isn’t a reason to gangbang her. The reason in this case is that she asked for it. You know, in the only way a woman ever can ask for sex, with her words.

I will say that I didn’t much like the “pizza delivery” scene (you know, this safe-for-work part) which felt a little Stubenville-y to me and was not anything like any fantasy of mine. However there is a reason for that. It wasn’t a fantasy of mine; it was a fantasy of hers.

If you go to the beginning of the video you see an interview with Princess Donna where she doesn’t just agree to be in the film but we find out that she personally selected the director and told him exactly what she wants the setup to be.

And here is the kicker, the thing that tells me not just how much Marty missed but how he was looking in the completely wrong place. In the interview she talks about an experience where she had been on a roof with a bunch of strange men at a party and had gotten nervous something would happen. In the real life version of events she got scared because they were strangers, some more people came up to the roof, the situation diffused itself and she ran back down to the party. Because that shit is scary.

However since then she has been fantasizing about the experience going a different way. In fact at the end of the video (if you don’t want to see any sex, and I wouldn’t blame you, skip to 1:09:00) she says that her favorite part of the experience was the beginning because it was so much like her personal experience on the roof (AKA, thank you director for giving me exactly what I ASKED for with my words).

In the real life version where she had no control over what the guys would do, shit was scary and she didn’t want to be there. But this wasn’t real life, this was porn. This was a woman, a woman who directs BDSM porn like this, who has seen it up close and personal, walking into a space, hiring a director she likes, and (I imagine) men she likes (in fact in that final interview we hear that she and Deen have an off-camera relationship of some kind that we can gather isn’t very vanilla), and then having them do what she wants done to her.

Deen (and 7 other guys) did to her exactly what she asked them to do (with her WORDS, not her skirt) maybe even in writing (and I would bet money that there was an agreed upon safeword in play) and then she got paid for the evidence and probably a big reputation boost at work. The Stubenville football team did what they wanted to an unconscious underage girl who never asked for any of it and then used the evidence to bully and shame her.

Once again consent is what makes all the difference. And if you, Marty, couldn’t tell the difference between the entire conversation which constituted her consent and a troop of boys passing around an unconscious girl then I urge you to do women everywhere a favor and not have sex with anyone until you learn it.

3 Responses to “James Deen: Part… A Lot”

  1. Soni November 2, 2013 at 11:25 pm #

    Are you that myopic? I’m sure Princess Donna did ask. Great. Congrats to her. The problem arises when other people watch this and get the idea that it’s normal and all girls “want” this. Words or not. Take it from someone who has watched porn for over 10 years, it warps views on sex.

    • Days of Broken Arrows November 7, 2013 at 2:22 am #

      Yes, I’m sure 15-year-old boys will consider the “context” and the watch the opening interview (LOL!!) of that clip. I hear they also read Playboy for the articles.

      Finally, all of that is just an elaborate justification for them to sell abuse, but sell it in a “correct” fashion. It’s their version of “no one was hurt in the making of this video.”

      You also never question why Princess Donna asked for that to begin with. To take a phrase from feminists, “Would you want your daughter asking that?”

      More than one guy has had the experience of a woman TELLING him to do something, then completely freaking out when it happens and either 1). Saying that’s not what she meant or 2). Denying she ever said that.

      The real reason Jews get behind porn is because Jews despise Christianity and they see porn as helping to trash everything Christian values stand for. You should just admit this and be done with it. At least be honest about your bigotry.

  2. Unmortgamist June 27, 2016 at 2:38 pm #

    Obviously we didn’t have this information back in 2013, but I think this topic could use revisiting now more than ever: http://nymag.com/thecut/2016/06/stoya-james-deen-c-v-r.html?mid=twitter-share-thecut. In spite of (or because of) my straight male status, I’ve never found any male porn actor admirable. I guess it has a little to do with not being attracted to them, but a lot to do with there being nothing particularly empowering about cis/het male sexuality (especially as practiced by an adored rapist).

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