With A Cactus

3 May

Today I was trying to think of something important to write about but instead all I could think of my awesome new haircut.

Pretty girls with long hair!! Stop cutting that shit off!! Boys don’t wanna date girls with boys haircuts!! Sorry!!


A few weeks ago I cut my hair pretty short, not the shortest it’s ever been but the hairdresser used the electric shaver in the back, so pretty short. And in my search for inspiration images (and in all honesty the story of this haircut involves my last haircut, an amusing story about meeting the Yankee, and a hotel bathroom).

And by googling haircut you can find a lot of images that betray our collective opinion on women cutting their hair.

But as a lady I can tell you that hair is one of the most complained about topics I’ve ever found. I complain about it, all my friends complain about it, having a lot of hair kind of sucks. 

It gets hot, it gets heavy, it gets smelly and greasy. There is a reason why so many people cut it off. Most mothers, most dudes. And of course all sorts of other groups. It’s a pain in the rear.

I think that in a way it’s similar to our use of high heels as a mark of distinction among classes. The basic premise being that if you can get away with wearing spindly heels then you must be in such a position that you can afford to either not work on your feet all day and you can afford to take cabs everywhere. And since this is the look that the people with money are sporting then it is in vogue and enviable, so the people who can’t afford the look will imitate it to look more well off.

Basically we’re willing to handicap ourselves in order to look like we belong to a certain group. Sound familiar? How about “Beauty is pain”? And when you fall off your heels? “You’re so bad at being a woman.”

No dude, it’s my hair and it has nothing to do with you. If you want me to be obediently pouring all my energy into not tripping or getting tangled rather than changing the world then I don’t want you to be attracted to me. In fact I’m a bit disgusted by the idea. So cut your hair or grow it out, do what feels right to you, but don’t let anyone bully you. And don’t assume that just because all the gals in your school have long flowing Disney hair that it’s the default.

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