Bodies, Confidence, Feelings, Friendship, Sisterhood

Eating Disorders, Self Harm and The Nearness of You

In the play I’m working on right now there is a line about a table.

One character says I like this table.

The other says I grew up with this table.

And the first one says That’s why I like this table.

I like the things that make you… you. The house you grew up in made you you. The freaky fungus that makes your toenails look demonic. Your weird sleep disorder that makes you guzzle an inhuman amount of coffee each day makes you you. And I love you.

And your body, the body you sturm und drang against, it also makes you you. And I thank it every day for the gift it has given me; the nearness of you.

The capacity to have everything you think, everything you are all in one package that I can eat and travel and talk and cuddle with.

So you can thrash against your body all you want, but when you want to hurt it just remember how much I love it, if only for it’s ability to press our hearts so close together.

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