Thank You Lena Dunham

28 Feb

A little while ago I casually mentioned how sometimes I imagine I have Lena Dunham’s lower half when I’m in bed with someone.

There’s no shortage of articles online about Lena Dunham’s body and the cultural significance of it’s screen time.  A big part of it is just about Dunham normalizing plus size bodies and beauty.  Dunham looks like my mother, and half my classmates at college, and a decent chunk of the women I see walking down the street.  Her nude scenes aren’t grand or sensationalist.  They’re upsetting because they’re scenes about people who get hurt, and that’s upsetting. They’re awkward because people are awkward and they’re funny because people are funny.

And half the audience is going to commend it and half the audience is going to hate it but I can say right now:

Thank you Lena Dunham.  Your presence in my media landscape has improved my sex life and the rest of my life too.  I look forward to the rest of what you’ve got in store.

One Response to “Thank You Lena Dunham”

  1. elenamusic February 28, 2013 at 5:09 pm #

    Ditto, a lot of men are outraged that she is showing her body at all, but it’s going against social norms and great for women. There’s a “shame” in big bodies and to never let it show, but Lena doesn’t give a crap, and it’s great.

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