Just Have Confidence. It’s That Easy.

18 Feb

In my life I’ve generally found that if I move away from people who negative self-talk then I’ll find positive self-talk in myself.  It’s always been pretty easy for me.

But I understand how it could be much harder.

The fact that “love your body” rhetoric shifts the responsibility for body acceptance over to the individual, and away from communities, institutions, and power, is also problematic. individuals who do not love their bodies, who find their bodies difficult to love, are seen as being part of the problem. The underlying assumption is that if we all loved our bodies just as they are, our fat-shaming, beauty-policing culture would be different. If we don’t love our bodies, we are, in effect, perpetuating normative (read: impossible) beauty standards. if we don’t love our individual bodies, we are at fault for collectively continuing the oppressive and misogynistic culture. If you don’t love your body, you’re not trying hard enough to love it. In this framework, your body is still the paramount focus, and one way or another, you’re failing. It’s too close to the usual body-shaming, self-policing crap, albeit with a few quasi-feminist twists, for comfort.

– on “loving your body” (via silkchemise)

So don’t hate yourself for not loving yourself.  But it’s still worth working on.
Confidence is 10% hard work and 90% delusion
—  Tina Fey (via kapi)

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