Music To Mack By

So this might just be a me thing but I want to put it out there.

If I’m making out with someone and there is something with words or lyrics playing in the background, I’m going to be distracted.  I long ago adopted the policy of making my partner pick the music because if I’m allowed to pick then I’ll pick…oh, you know, the Carnival BCR.  Don’t judge me.

If you invite me over to watch a movie and then try to kiss me while the movie is still on, I can promise that you’ll be really annoyed when I start laughing and you find out that it’s because I was listening to Gene Wilder and not your sweet nothings.

So here are a list of songs that people (including but not limited to me) have or have wanted to snog to.

Kiss The Girl

Oh the shame.  I feel so cliche right now.

And listening to it again I’m annoyed by the suggestion that there is only one way to ask a girl if she wants to be kissed (and of course it requires no words).  Also, how (and I know this is so obvious, but) lacking in any agency Ariel is.  ‘Don’t you want to kiss this silent girl?’  Well, when you put it that way, NO!

But nonetheless there were about 10 years of my life where I dreamed of being kissed (not myself actually doing the kissing of course) to this song.

Wu Tang Clan

So I don’t know which song it was but I do know that one of my best friends had one of her first horizontal experiences to the quiet strains of Wu Tang Clan.  Can you hear my nose crinkling?

If it had been me, I would have immediately start laughing.  Anyone who knows me knows that I would immediately start laughing if you put on Wu Tang Clan and then tried to kiss me.  Those killer bees killed the mood good and dead.

Some Classy Shit

OK, so this is probably not a great example, but it must be said that the best make-out music I’ve ever had was classical music.  It’s not obtrusive enough to interrupt the action but it also has a nice ebb and flow to it. And from what I remember (high school was a weird time) that was the same dude as the Wu Tang Clan.

What’s your favorite make-out tune?  Do you have a playlist?  Oh please tell me you have a whole playlist and it’s got a great title like ‘Gettin Jiggy With It’ or ‘Funkytown’ or ‘Love Fern’ or something.

1 thought on “Music To Mack By”

  1. No music. You put music on, I will pay attention to it. If it’s good and new, I’ll want to focus on it. If it’s good and something I know, I’ll sing along. If it’s bad, I’ll be distracted by frustration.

    No, just let the good times roll and I don’t need background music. I should be invested enough into the experience that I don’t notice anything beyond the two of us.

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