Scorch Some Earth

10 Feb

Alright everybody.  Turn down the lights, it’s movie time!

TMI story: Last summer I had a major candida problem.  You don’t want to know more about it I promise but lets just suffice it to say that my body was flush with yeast.

Now don’t get grossed out guys, you have yeast in your gut too.  We all have some yeast living, feeding, doing it’s misery-inducing parasite shit inside of us.  Ever eaten something and gotten a stomach ache later that night?  Sing a little lullaby to your tummy fungi!

Now here’s the thing.  Some people aren’t bothered by it.  Either the yeast in their particular tummies are weak or their pain tolerance is high or whatever.  Some people are hit hard by it, down for the count (*raises hand*).  It isn’t my fault, it’s just the culture (haha, get it?! I’m hilarious.  If you don’t get that joke go ask someone who was actually required to take science in college.) in my gut.

But here’s the thing, when you cut off the food supply to the yeast and they all die, IT SUCKS.  You don’t feel like you’re getting better, you feel like crap.

It’s like how the flu doesn’t actually give you a fever, your body’s attempt at killing the flu gives you a fever.  Trust me.  Major suckage.  Suckage, comma, major.

But the only way to be free of the impending, smaller daily suckage is to take on the major suckage.

This metaphor made a lot more sense to me when I started writing than it does now but my point is that you can treat your stomachache, and you can treat a rape victim.  And in both cases you should.  But once that is done, then we should burn that mother down.

All the yeast must die, and the rape culture can go the same way too.

So while I’m not apologizing for the idiot-ass-hole-rapist kids in Steubenville, I am saying that nothing is going to change until the rug gets pulled out from under their coaches and the rest of the idiots who taught those kids how best to be idiotic.

And I’m entertaining ideas about how to burn that mother down.  Because I’m tired of hearing this story again and again

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