How To Discover A Body

29 Jan

I was talking to my friend last week about sex, the kind of sex he likes to have with his girlfriend, the kind of sex that makes him feel alive and present and in love.

And he said that the best sex he’s had is the kind where you finish and maybe you’re exhausted but you don’t want to go to sleep.  You want to do it again because you want to learn a new part of her, see how many other kinds of reactions you can rouse in her and what touches they’re attached to.  Like learning the intricacies of how an instrument prefers to be played, teaching your muscles the memory of how wide her frets are and how hard to strum for the right kind of tone.

How lovely it would be to have someone all my own who knew how to play me and I, them.

Or who didn’t know how, but wanted to spend their whole life learning, practicing.  How I’d love to be a virtuoso for the most appreciative audience of one.

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