Asshole Detector Test

24 Dec

Someone recently called in to Dan Savage to ask for advice.  She was concerned she would never be able to find a partner because _____ was wrong with her.  I don’t remember what the problem was.  Something that she was concerned dudes on the whole wouldn’t like.  Some medical condition.

And Dan said something fantastic.  He said that what she had wasn’t a deal breaker.  It was an asshole-detector-test.  I’d like to amend this to say that what she has is a priority-detector-test.  It just sounds less judgmental to me.

If her condition prevents her from having PIV sex then you know what guys she isn’t going to have to waste time on?  The guys for whom that is top priority.  She’s going to be limiting her pool of potential partners to people who have their reasons for preferring other activities.  Activities that she too can enjoy.

What’s her relationship like?  It’s customized for her and her partner.

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