Project For Awesome 2012

16 Dec

I know that recently I’ve been geeking out a lot about Vlogbrothers but I just wanted to throw that video up here because to me this is what it means to be a good citizen of our world (plus being talented and loving your kid/life).

Recognition of your own privilege.

Decreasing world-suck.  Not only in big ways like donating to charities but in small ways like not spamming our inboxes.

Just recognizing the things you dislike in this world and not choosing to not do those things.

These are small ways to be a good citizen and fellow human being.  I dare you to come up with some of your own.

Also, The Fault In Our Stars.  If you were wondering what to get me for my upcoming birthday [Update: I just read it and it was awesome].  And if you’ve got extra money to burn I won’t sneeze at his box set.

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