Hope, Politics

How Obama Kept His Promise

In the wake of the election I keep hearing and saying the following: “It’s not that I’m excited Obama won, it’s that I’m relieved.”

In 2008 Barack Obama ran on the promise of Hope and Change.  And while he got the ball rolling on health insurance he hasn’t been able to keep all his promises.

In Anne Helen Petersen’s hilarious recounting of Reagan’s acting career she says this about the President.

Obama rode the energy of his star machine into office, but failed to manifest the central tenant of that image — hope — on a daily basis. He concerned himself with governing: with the long-term, thoroughly unsexy reforms that would engender hope as opposed to simply paying lip service to it. It’s been a disappointment to a lot of people — many of whom got off the Bush Star Train to hop on Obama’s. Obama may always be a mediocre star, but he might yet be a great president.

When Obama won in 2008 I was excited, but excitement wears off.  This time around I’m not excited.  This time around all I can think of is “Good, maybe I won’t have to live in the most embarrassing country on earth.  Good, maybe I won’t be ashamed.  Good, there might still be hope.”

I don’t think this is how he expected to come through on that promise but when you tally up his promises fulfilled and promises broken today we can check that one off.

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