I Love You. Cake.

23 Oct

I found this post the other day and didn’t know quite what to say about it at the time

Most parents discuss a lot of firsts their kids may experience with anticipation — first steps, first words, and so on. I’m pretty sure most of us aren’t counting down the days until our child screams “I HATE YOU!” at us, but I love the solution this mom came up with: if your kid says she hates you, just go out and get her a cake.

Going to bed that night, I decided I wanted to make certain that my daughter knew that no matter what happened between us — no matter what she said — that our relationship could not be so easily shattered. I wanted it clearly stated that nothing as small as an argument and some heated words — even angry words like, “I hate you” — could damage us. I woke up the next morning and called SugarBakers, the fancy wedding cake place nearby. If you’re going to celebrate, you might as well go big, right?

“I need to buy a cake today,” I said. “and I’d like it to read, ‘You’re a fucking bitch, and I hate you,’ please.”

There was silence on the other end.

“Hello?” I asked.

“You’re serious?” they asked.

“Yes. Would you need a deposit? I’d need it for this afternoon.”

There was a pause. “The cakes we have ready in the case aren’t big enough for that.”

“Oh. OK. I guess just, ‘I hate you!’ would be good enough.”

I loved this solution (though solution is not the right word considering I don’t think there was a problem here) this mother comes up with.

I don’t have a particularly big sweet tooth and don’t eat cake very often but my best friend lives for the the month of September not because it contains her birthday but because it contains two weeks directly following her birthday where she gets to eat LOTS AND LOTS OF LEFTOVER BIRTHDAY CAKE.

Why do we have so few occasions for cake in our lives?  Why don’t we mark every great thing that happens to us with a cake?  And write some funny things on top of them.  It must be really boring for people who work at bakeries.  Happy birthday, Happy anniversary, blah blah blah… Boring!

If we truly do get to define what adulthood means to us (and I believe we do)

then I want mine to include cake for things that I actually care about because my birthday is actually quite low on my list of priorities.

I want “Thank you for not freaking out and crying the first time I told you I loved you” cakes and “I’m really sad your grandma is dying but I don’t know how to cope so I made you a cake” cakes.  And most of all “I invited you over to bake with me because I just wanted to see your ‘I love eating chocolate’ smile” cakes.

It’s so much easier to love someone when there’s cake.

One Response to “I Love You. Cake.”

  1. anon October 24, 2012 at 1:50 am #

    my fiance and i make cakes randomly together, whenever we happen to have all the ingredients in the apartment. it’s nice to make food together, plus cake is so yummy!

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