I’ll Keep My British Half-Crown

29 Sep

Mitt Romney says Americans who don’t pay income tax will never vote for him. But, eight of the top 10 states with the highest number of non-payers tend to vote Republican.http://theatln.tc/QhxL9g

I like show tunes.  I grew up watching and listening to and singing along with musicals.  Mom and I used to sing 1776 in the car on trips and there was a line on the cast recording that always made us laugh.

John Dickinson: Mr. Hancock, you’re a man of property, one of us. Why don’t you join us in our minuet? Why do you persist on dancing with John Adams? Good Lord, sir, you don’t even like him!
Hancock: That is true, he annoys me quite a lot, but still I’d rather trot to Mr. Adams’ new gavotte
John Dickinson: But why? For personal glory, for a place in history? Be careful, sir, history will brand him and his followers as traitors.
Hancock: Traitors, Mr. Dickinson? To what? The British crown, or the British half-crown? Fortunately there are not enough men of property in America to dictate policy
John Dickinson: Perhaps not. But don’t forget that most men without property would rather protect the possibility of becoming rich, than face the reality of being poor. [x]

Seriously, please take a minute right now and imagine 10-year-old me speaking along with the recording in my best fake british accent.

To be honest I still don’t entirely know what’s going on in the first part but that last line always made me smirk.

I think it’s less about hypocrisy so much as a complete lack of self-awareness.  Sometimes people are stupid.

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