FemaleGazing: The Podcast! Episode #1 – Sex and Christianity with Cori

17 Sep

Today I present to you the first ever FemaleGazing podcast!  Just in case you live far away and were wondering what my voice sounded like.

My goal is to talk with someone each week who has an opinion/upbringing/experience different from my own and ask them about what they learned from it.

This week I went to Tokyo and visited my good friend Cori so she was my guinea pig.

Click here to download the podcast. 

And here to listen online.

Please give it a listen and let me know if you have any requests for guests or topics!

Links to things reference in the podcast:

Interview with a lapsed Christian virgin

Empire State Building

Kate Winslet Meme

Cori’s purity rings

James Deen

Notes on the fact that I JUST MADE A FREAKING PODCAST:

I just wanted to point out that I’m new to this and a) don’t know how to host a podcast and b) don’t know if anyone will listen to it.  Therefore if something about it really turns you off/on or you have a suggestion for a person or a topic, please let me know using your words.

Likewise, if you listen to it and enjoy it please also let me know.  It turns out podcasting is much more time consuming than writing so if no one listens then I might stop making them.  On the other hand it turns out that podcasting with people you like is really fun so I’d like people to listen to these and want me to make more of them.

Also, if you have an experience you want to talk about on the show (please let me know) but you live far away, that’s ok.  I have skype!

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