Sexuality Worksheets

2 Aug

When I started reading I found Cliff’s ‘Kink Worksheet‘ and instantly fell in love.

I love that it requires you to put into words A) What you want to do, B) What you don’t want to do, and C) Why you want it.  I love that it thoroughly covers likes, dislikes, safe words and even health concerns and protection.

In the post where Cliff introduces this sheet it’s very clear that the sheet is meant to be a conversation starter.  I like to imagine couples printing it out and cuddling up on the couch with some tea and a few colors of crayon maybe making some markings on the back.  As the conversation goes on maybe they write down a few things they discussed and want to do but not quite yet.  Or maybe some things they want to remember to discuss next time they decide to play.  And you can make a version of this that could be considered vanilla, asking questions about positions and body parts.  Exercise those creative muscles people!  Perhaps you could add a question about your partners feelings about period sex.

So last night I found something similar on LaciGreen’s (please be my friend!!) tumblr

Or Maybe you’d prefer

Google around.  Get some ideas.  Creativity…  You  might learn something new about yourself. 

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