I’m Looking For A Few Good Sons

8 Jul

I read an article the other day about how the most recent feminist wave is presenting feminism as the cooler option mainly because the feminists are against the people who are against having more sex.

And another article about how men and boys have to be part of the feminist community in order to have progress.  A concept I fully support because patriarchy hurts men too.

So, a plea to the people entering their fertile years.

Please, please, please, raise smart sons.

Kind, aware, and unafraid of a new definition of masculinity.

“Our work of love should be to reclaim masculinity and not allow it to be held hostage to patriarchal domination. There is a creative, life-sustaining, life-enhancing place for the masculine in a non-dominator culture. And those of us committed to ending patriarchy can touch the hearts of real men where they live, not by demanding that they give up manhood or maleness, but by asking that they allow its meaning to be transformed, that they become disloyal to patriarchal masculinity in order to find a place for the masculine that does not make it synonymous with domination or the will to do violence.”
—bell hooks, The Will to Change,

Especially if you think you’ll want grandchildren one day.

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