Cinderella Sexualized My Daughter

6 Jul

I just finished a fantastic book called Cinderella Ate My Daughter which I recommend to anyone who doesn’t have a young daughter.

The book was written by Peggy Orenstein who was raising a young daughter while writing the book.  It seems that one of the biggest lessons she learned while writing it was that there isn’t really a perfect way to raise your girls.  You can’t deprive them of Sleeping Beauty.  She’ll just watch the movie at someone else’s house and then accuse you of trying to make her into a little boy.

As a non-parent the best advice I can give to parents is this to keep in mind:

‘This is not the worst thing you’ll ever do to your kid.”

Let’s say that your kid falls off a swing at the park and you’re freaking out because you’re that bad parent who let their kid fall of the swingset. Tomorrow your kid won’t even remember going on that swingset and in 15 years that kid is going to be resenting you for something that certainly isn’t ‘Mommy didn’t care enough when I got a booboo.’

So while this world is going to thoroughly mess with your children, relax.  At least it won’t be your fault.

I’d much rather blame Bratz.

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