Vows to Mr. Fox

26 Jun

My beautiful friend LillianLemoning likes to bring up the following 500 Days of Summer quote pretty often.

Tom: Look, we don’t have to put a label on this – on us. It’s just, I need consistency. I need to know you won’t wake up tomorrow and feel a different way.

Summer: I can’t promise you that. Nobody can.

I think one of the things I love so much about the movie is how honest Summer is.  Sure she breaks Tom’s heart but she never tells a lie.  She has feelings and follows them and says them out loud and if the guy she’s seeing gets his heart broken because he wasn’t listening hard enough well, maybe he should have listened harder.

Lil loves to point out that Summer is right in this scene.  No one can promise their feelings will never change, regardless of what Hallmark wants us to believe.  A sentiment that Cliff has so eloquently made mention of as well.

Inspired by those musings and a sort of vow of honesty I’ve taken in the last few years I decided to write some promises I can keep to Mr. Fox.

I can’t promise I’ll never stop loving you but I can promise I’ll never tell you I love you when I don’t or that I don’t when I do.

No one can promise that they won’t wake up in the morning different, and wanting different things.  But I promise you that I will never keep you in the dark, I will never hide how I feel from you and I will never lie about those feelings.

It’s not a lot but it’s what I’ve got.  Want me to promise you more?  I can’t promise you that. Nobody can.

Love, the future Mrs. Fox

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